[Brand introduction] Omega watches

August 18, 2015

Omega has the most legendary is its super series (Speedmaster) major watch. The last century 60′s, NASA spent two years on a number of strict list of weightlessness and magnetic fields, vibration, impact and temperature testing, the results of watches super Omega, in 1965 and was identified as the United States Aerospace Board designated timer (10 years after the super table also became a Soviet astronaut designated timer).

July 21, 1969, Omega table follow the American astronauts Armstrong stepped onto the moon. In 1970, super second table used one-tenth of the precision timing functionality to help fuel warehouse explosion happened Apollo 13 spacecraft to activate the engine, the successful return from the Moon orbit the Earth. In recognition of super form at the rescue operation in the outstanding performance of NASA’s highest honor, in particular its “Snoopy Award” presented to the Omega.

Omega has always been excellence, and a forward-looking attitude to explore the arts tabulation. A century and a half years, the brand with superb production technology and excellent design of award-winning. At the Swiss watch industry, Omega represent superb and innovation. Most mechanical movements are Omega Swiss official Observatory received the test, and has set the most accurate time records. Omega watches design and also extremely perfect, it was revealed an otherwise noble temperament.

Today, Omega watches have developed a number of series, such as fashion Constellation Series (Constellation), fly disc series (De Ville), as well as the major use of table hippocampus series super series. In addition, the modernization of sports grounds around the world large-scale video matrix scoreboard, Omega is one of the inventions. Omega Company believes that the composition of “OMEGA” five-letter may be interpreted to allow the brand excels in some characteristics, that is: O on behalf of Olympics (Olympic), M on behalf of Mega-precision (ultra precision), E on behalf of Elegance (elegant), G on behalf of Geography (Geography), A representative of Astronaut (astronauts).

Omega Speedmaster Professional watches

July 18, 2015

The Omega Speedmaster Professional, otherwise known as the “Moonwatch”, is a manual winding chronograph introduced in 1957 and made famous by its selection by NASA for the Apollo Program. The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the moon, as Buzz Aldrin wore his Speedmaster 145.012 fitted with the Omega 321 caliber on 20 July 1969. (Neil Armstrong left his Speedmaster inside the landing module “Eagle” during his famous first walk). It is the only watch flight-qualified for EVA use by NASA. It is also the watch chosen for use in outer space by the Russian space agency NPO Energia.

When the step-by-step procedures of the Project Gemini space-walks were first mapped out, NASA realized that they did not have an approved wristwatch for space travel. The normal procedure of soliciting bids for the design, manufacture and testing of special “Space Proof” wristwatches was a time consuming process. To save time, NASA sent two systems engineers into downtown Houston “incognito” to purchase several reputable “off-the-shelf” chronographs to be tested for possible use in space. Contrary to popular belief, the choice of a manual-winding omega watch was unrelated to the assumption that zero-gravity conditions would have rendered a self-winding mechanism ineffective. The reason was much simpler: there were no automatic chronographs available at that time, the first ones being introduced in 1969 .

Five different brands of chronographs were purchased and returned to NASA for testing. The Speedmaster passed NASA’s numerous tests, which included exposure to extreme temperatures, vacuum, intense humidity, corrosion, shock, acceleration, pressure, vibration and noise, whereas the Rolex, Breitling, Bulova, Longines and Tag Heuer, notably, all failed.

The tests were completed on March 1, 1965. At the completion of the tests, three of the chronographs from different manufactures were still running, but only the Speedmaster had passed without any of the serious discrepancies encountered with the others. The Omega Speedmaster was adopted by NASA as the “Officially Certified Wristwatch For All Manned Space Missions.” At this point, Omega was completely unaware of these activities.

Today, all NASA-issued wristwatches are government property and must be turned in once the astronauts return to Earth. Astronauts are permitted to check out the watches before launch and take them home to familiarize themselves with the watch’s operation.

Review of Omega Milestone 1941 Museum Collection

June 18, 2015

There is no secret that Omega watches are among the most beloved watches all over the world. Firstly released in December 1983, the iconic Omega Museum Collection is specially released to combine the brand’s historical milestones with current advanced technology. Every year, Omega selects a classic and remarkable timepiece that has over 50 years’ history to creating a brand new innovated version model. Here I’m proud to present its ninth release the Milestone 1941 chronograph watch.

The new timepiece is closely based upon the stainless steel CK2080 model Omega introduced in 1938. During that time, the CK2080 was particular favored by most top-ranking officers of the military. In particular, the new one also inspired from a specific example dating to 1941, which ended up being auctioned off at 2007′s Omegamania event.

Compared to the former versions, New Milestone 1941 is added into modern advanced technology. It features 38mm case in 18-karat white gold with a black alligator strap and white gold buckle. It runs off an exclusive Omega calibre 3203 movement. The manual-winding chronograph is a COSC-certified chronometer and features Omega’s Co-Axial escapement with a free sprung balance as well as a column wheel chronograph mechanism. The black varnished dial features a telemetric scale on its first outer ring graduated in kilometres per hour, a minute track on its second outer ring and a snail tachymetric scale on the inner ring based on 1000 units per hour. The numerals and indexes have been coated with Super-LumiNova to make sure the model can easily tell time in any light occasion. What’s more, it has two sub-dials: a 30 minute chronograph recorder at 3 o’ clock and small seconds counter at 9 o’ clock. Even there are two screws presenting in the moving endpieces, one to secure the alligator strap, and the other to connect the components to the case itself.

I’m sure all addicts of vintage military watches will happy with the model. While, I regret that it will be produced in limited 1,941 pieces all over the globe.

What Watch Does James Bond Wear

May 18, 2015

What watch does James Bond wear? For many people, Omega Seamaster Professional 300m watches are the most familiar James Bond watches, truely, in total twenty-two Bond’s movies by now, Omega Seamaster Professional 300m series have shown up in five of them. And no matter the special functions these watches got or the beauty of watches themselves, Omega Seamaster Professional 300m watches really could be considered as the second coolest equipment for James Bond(As to the coolest? Surely are Bond’s cars).

Made of stainlees steel, most of Omega Seamaster Professional watches in 007 movies got 41mm watch case, blue watch dial, bi-directional bezel and sapphire crystal, of course, water resistance up to 300 meters.

But in the two latest 007 movies, Casino Royale in 2006 and Quantum of Solace in 2008, James Bond got new Omega Seamaster editions: the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. Comparing with Omega Seamaster Professional 300m, these Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean got bigger case and special black watch dial. In Casino Royale, when James first got double o seven identity, he was wearing a 45.5mm Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, and in Quantum of Solace, James got a more impressive Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial Chronograph, which got revolutionary Co-Axial system, 42mm case, black dial and outstanding 600 water resistance.

Detailed Info

1995 Goldeneye

Omega Seamaster Professional 300m (Ref. 2541.80.00)

1997 Tomorrow Never Dies

Omega Seamaster Professional 300m (Ref. 2531.80.00)

1999 The World Is Not Enough

Omega Seamaster Professional 300m (Ref. 2531.80.00)

2002 Die Another Day

Omega Seamaster Professional 300m (Ref. 2531.80.00)

2006 Casino Royale

Omega Seamaster Professional 300m (Ref. 2220.80.00)

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (Ref. 2900.50.91)

2008 Quantum of Solace

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial Chronograph (Ref. 2201.50.00)

Omega Watches – The Olympic TimeKeeper

April 18, 2015

For more than 150 years, Omega has been producing an impressive set of well-recognized timekeeping devices. Omega watches landed on the moon in the 1960′s. Omega has registered hundreds of watch patents (including world firsts in movements) and has been the official timekeeper of 21 Olympic Games since 1932.

As you can see the amount of time that Omega has been creating exclusive watches says a lot of its permanent quality and innovation. To be able to find the best watch for you, there are four main Omega collections bellow.

Omega Speedmaster collection
This collection was created to those buyers with a very active lifestyle, grand goals and a taste for history. The Speedmaster watch collection features exclusive Omega chronograph movement and includes the original Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch (this is the only wristwatch that was on the Moon). They are the most checked timekeepers and are good for usage in the space. This is the official astronauts and cosmonauts chronograph. These watches are preferred by the best world drivers: Michael Schumacher, Michael Andretti and Alex Zanardi.

Seamaster collection
This series are for the sporty kind of people. The Seamaster sport design and technical features are perfectly matching the sea hobbies and active kind of life. They are reliable, precise and long term lasting. The watch collection has plenty of male watches like the Seamaster Men’s Chronometer and female watches as the Women’s Seamaster Diver Watch. The water resistance feature is the maximum.

Costellation collection
This is one of the most “celebrity” collections. Wristwatches from this collection are proffered by such stars as model Cindy Crawford, the tennis player Martina Hingis and the ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan. These watches are easily recognised for their unique features: four sparkling round-cut diamonds, a satin finished steel bezel with polished steel claws and engraved Roman numeral hour markers. As a matter of fact, in this collection the more diamonds are used – the better. For example Women’s Dress Watch features 38 diamonds pave set in a polished steel bezel.

De Ville
This is a very modern luxury collection that combines the best Omega traditions and the new technologies. The Omega De Ville watch series includes new chronometer models like the Co-Axial Chronograph watch. This one comes in steel or 18-karat rose gold and marks the first time a chronograph watch has been fitted with an Omega’s co-Axial escapement.

The majority of Omega series have the C.O.S.C certificate that is given to high precision Swiss timekeepers.

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